I was very lucky to get the Shoei Hornet ADV, plain white for almost half the price on a sale. And I really love it. It’s of great quality and it fits perfectly and comfortable.

It’s not easy for me to find proper fitting apparel, because of my size and figure. So after my first jacket and pants set of Held I changed to the REV’IT Sand 4 H2O Jacket and Sand 4 H2O Pants both in silver-black.
In Germany you have everything from hot weather with about 40°C, rain and hail, to cold weather in winter down to -20°C. So it was important to me to get clothing which covers pretty much all of it.
The REV’IT Sand 4 has an warm inlay for cold weather and a seperate, completely waterproof rain inlay. And in hot summer weather you just remove both and open all of the zippers for ventilation.

At the moment I wear the Gaerne G.All Terrain, brown boots. In my small 37 size they are a little sturdy, so I get tired pretty quickly when walking longer in them. But I think this really is an issue of the size which you have with almost every boot (if anyone has other experiences, please let me know).
All in all they are comfortable and I feel absolutely safe when wearing them.
Even when a 230 kg bike fell on my ankle, there was nothing left but a blue mark 😉

My current gloves are from Probiker, Model: Season III, an in-house brand of Louis. They are pretty confortable and you still have enough sense for the handling of the levers and switches of the bike.

Overview apparel Marina:

Shoei Hornet ADVRev'IT Sand 4 H2O JacketRev'IT Sand 4 H2O pantsGaerne G-All TerrainProBiker Season III gloves


Jans helmet is the LS2 Explorer, white. He first had a black one, but when he read that there is a difference in temperature up to 4°C, he decided to buy a white one. And he can confirm, that the white one is actually not heating up that much.

His current apparel is first the Rallye 2 Pro of BMW and second the Hakuna 2 jacket and the Matata pants of Held.

For his boots he chose the Forma Adventure HD Dry in brown.

His gloves are also of BMW: thee BMW Rallye for regular weather and the BMW GS Dry for when it’s colder.

Overview apparel Jan:

LS2 Explorer helmetBMW Rallye 2 Pro jacketBMW Rallye 2 Pro pantsHeld Hakuna 2Held MatataForma Adventure HD Dry bootsBMW Rallye glovesBMW GS Dry gloves