Because our sense of control and safety says many a time “You’re gonna need that, too in case it comes to this or that!”, we accumulated a pretty amout of gear already.
But I don’t think there is much around, what we didn’t need on a journey.

Luggage Marina

I’m very aware on the weight of everything, so it was also important to me for my luggage to be preferably light. Therefore I decided to get the Enduristan Blizzard saddle bags XL, because with these you don’t need extra racks. And I’m still more then passionately with the items of Enduristan. They are extremly tough and kept simple, without distracting or annoying knicknack. Also my tankbag is from Enduristan: Sandstorm 4H. In addition to that we have 2 of the Enduristan Tornado duffle bag L, with what we always had more than enough room for everything.

Overview Luggage Marina:

Enduristan saddlebags Blizzard XLEnduristan Tankbag Sandstorm 4HEnduristan dufflebag Tornado 2 L


Our tent is the Coastline 3 Plus from Coleman. We wanted one with a bigger awning, so all our luggage would be in the inside and therefore on dry ground. Also we wanted the awning to be high enough to sit comfortable in it with our foldable camping chairs from Kesser. Beside a low pack size it was important for our chairs to have a high back, so you can lean your head on it, too.

Our sleeping bags are the Micro II 850 Quattro from Salewa. On these it’s handy that you can zip them together to one large sleeping bag. Our camping mats are the Klymit Insulated Static V. Because Jan lays on the floor with his ellbows on most of the slimmer ones and I’m very sensitive to everything regarding my sleep, we are pretty satisfied with these so far. They are wider than most other ones.

On our dishes we were escpecially aware that it’s not made from aluminium, so we bought one out of stainless steel.

For cooking we got the gas cooker Windmaster 4Flex from Soto with gas cartridges from Coleman. In addition to that we have a little camping stove, which you can fuel with gas, wood or even spirit.

To be able to leave valuable items in your room while being away and if there is no safe existing, I bought the Pacsafe Travelsafe, 12 liter. It also can be used while riding to get a little more protection for your notebook.

Overview Camping gear:

Coleman tent Coastline Plus 3Kesser foldable camping chairSalewa Micro II 850 QuattroKlymit Insulated Static VSoto Windmaster 4FlexPacsac travel safe

Vlogging gear

For the start bought a GoPro Hero 7 and a GoPro Hero 8, because these are equally cheaper than the newest models. The price reduced even more by buying a used one. To be able to connect an external microphone I also bought the Ulanzi Vlog-case, again quite cheap via ebay. For the 8 I also bought the GoPro MediaMod and the GoPro LightMod, both already proved it’s worth.
Beside that I bought the original GoPro Grande Selfiestick as well – and should use it more often I guess.

For data storage I decided to get the SanDisk extrem Pro microSD, 256 GB. I get along with it pretty good and for me the quality is convincing, also the speed is great.
For the data transfer to my notebook I use this Lenovo 4 in 1 USB 3.0 card reader – because I also use a Lenovo notebook I wanted to try it and it works just perfect. With that you also can save your effort to install the GoPro-App (like I do) or the cloud saving, if you don’t want to use that (like me).

My external microphone is the Rode lavalier microphone. I also bought deadcats for it, especially for recording while riding these are really recommendable.

Our stativ is the Zomei Q555. It has got a 360° ball head and you can extend it to ovarall 160 cm (= about 63 inches). It’s package size is about 50 cm (= about 20 inches) and it only weights about 1,3 kg (= about 2,9 pounds).

Overview gear:

GoPro Hero 7GoPro Hero 8Ulanzi Vlogging CaseGoPro Hero 8 MediaModGoPro Hero 8 LightModGoPro Grande SelfiestickSanDisk Extreme Pro microSDLenovo 4 in 1 card readerRode Lavalier microphoneZomei Q555 stativ