Travel workshop Enduropark Hechlingen 16.-18. June 2023

20. June 2023

From 16 to 18 June 2023 we came back to the Enduropark Hechlingen. This time for the 2-day travel workshop. Once again it was very exhausting and very hot. But again we learned a lot and take a lot for us on our future path.

The instructors are insanely good. With patience and very good knowledge of human nature, they convey all the content and provide a stress-free atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable and can have fun improving their individual skills. They really cater to each individual and give individual feedback.

In the travel workshop we learned everything from navigation to sensible equipment, emergency repairs and what to know about border crossings and what to look out for in special countries.
The practical part was of course not neglected: riding without and with luggage, riding on gravel, on slopes and in the sand – it was pretty much everything =)

As always, the physical well-being was taken care of as well. We liked especially the catering in the park. Starting with breakfast, where in addition to sausage, cheese, fried bacon and eggs, fruit and yogurt was on offer. In the evening, there was a barbecue and in addition to meat and sausages, there were many delicious side dishes such as pasta salad, grilled vegetables and layered salad.

At the travel workshop it is also possible to camp on the premises, which almost everyone took advantage of – including us. I learned right away that my sleeping bag is much too cold. This will be improved soon 😉

I am also very proud this time to have driven the BMW R 1250 GS, Jan drove it last year in the 2-day enduro training already. And I must say it drives much easier off-road than my 650 or the 750 last year! It balances itself amazingly good already and forgives much more “mistakes”. Very pleasant machine!

All in all, it was again a very successful workshop, with despite all the nervousness a lot of fun and a steep learning curve were present.

On our way back home we rewareded ourselves with yummy burgers from Ruff’s Burger =)