Enduropark Hechlingen 16.+17. June 2022

7. January 2023

In June 2022 we finally made a beginners training in the Enduro Park Hechlingen.

And I do sports for a long time, but this was the most exhausting thing I ever did by far! Then it were 36°C outside, what felt way hotter in the old stone pit.The heat was coming from everywhere. Every 1-2 hours all of us were called together for our 3 cups of obligatory-liquids, so nobody would pass out.

The workshop really brought us a lot. But if the coach would have told me before, where we were going to follow him right at the beginning I would have said “That won’t work!” – but it did work 😉
From braking-pracice, over smaller water crossings, drive up and down steep hills, to emergency stops on inclines everything was included. Of course not without paying attention to the correct position while standing on the bike and the correct position of the hands.

It really was huge fun, but it was indescribable exhausting – for the start the 1-day workshop would have been enough maybe… but still good I also made the 2-day workshop.