Italy 19. Aug. – 01. Sep. 2022

8. January 2023

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From August 19th to September 1st 2022 we did a Italy-Tour to a camping ground near Rome.

The first stop after about 340 km was in Faak am See, where the European Bike Week is taking place every year. We had a very comfortable vacation home in the guesthouse Margit Miklautsch, the place itself was really beautiful and the people friendly.

The next day after about 330 km our first stop in Italy was in Cona, Ferrara in the great guest house I Due Orfici. The rooms were nicely and lovingly furnished. It was very clean and beside a little snack romm with tea, coffe, fruits and cereal bars there also was a comfy little garden, the guests can use.

After this it went toward Tuscany, to Castiglione della Pescaia in about 320 km distance. There we spent the night in the Agriturismo Paradiso – Farmhouse Le Vigne. The area here was just gorgeous. Our room was in a seperate cottage and right behind it a huge fruit orchard, where you were allowed to take whatever you want. The name does not promise too much, because this place indeed is like paradise.

After about 210 km we finally went to our main destination, the Campingplatz Internazionale Castelfusano, where we arrived on August 22nd. This is one of the oldest in Italy and already housed the participants of the olypic games in Rome in the 1960s. We had a very comfy mobile home with 2 bedrooms, we used one of it as luggage-room, a small bathroom with a shower and a kitchen. A public beach is right behind the camping ground-area and accessible by foot in about 5 minutes. In the own restaurant there was by far the best espresso, which Jan and I ever had and the food was just amazing – especially the pasta with fresh seafood remained in my memory strongly. Besides that there is a small supermarket on the area, where you can get everything you need. Every single employee was more than friendly and always helpful.

On August 28th we were already heading home again. But before, after about ca. 250 km, we stopped at the mountain hotel Albergo Ristorante Montecucco de Tobia, which lies fabulously within one of the biggest and oldest beech forests of whole Italy. The whole area is a national park for many years and a dream destination for hikers. In addition to that it is a Mekka for flex-wings and hang gliders. Another highlight and definitely worth a visit is the cave Grotta de Montecucco. There are different tours, we decided to go for the small one the Discovery Trail, due to the time we had at our disposal.  This one lasted about 3 hours and you really should make sure to wear good footgear and warm clothes. Inside the cave it is 5°C all year round and you can feel that already after about 3 meters going down.

After 2 days we went to the last station in Italy, again to the I Due Orfici. Because I wanted to visit the abandoned Villa Magnoni. Allegedly it is haunted by an old with. Legend has it that in the 1980s four young men visited the villa and saw the ghost there. On the way home they had a car accident and all but one died.

And then it was already time for our last station before our arriving at home. After about 300 km we stopped in Austria on August the 31st, in the Hotel Schwarzer Adler. Once again this was a very special place. The hotel already existed in the 15th century and back then it apparently was known at the time  for its balls and parties for rather more upscale classes. The owner of the hotel is an artist and this is reflected by the decoration and the whole structure of the hotel, I think. Included was a delicious breakfast and in the in-house bar you can sit together comfortably with a glass of beer, wine or a schnapps.

It really was an amazing trip and except for some minor problems on my part at the beginning at the toll stations everything worked out great 😉

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